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Moving on out

>> 18.8.09

Hello all readers! The time has come for me to move on and out. Blogger has done a lot for me, but I have moved on to my own website. You can check out all my further content at See you all there!


First Multimedia Project.

>> 14.7.09

So I have just created my first ever multimedia project. Ok, so it's not my first persay, but it's my first full one. Despite all my time around cinematographers I found out (all over again) the hard way that even the simplest of seven minute projects can be a lot of work.

Yes I made a lot of rookie mistakes, many of which you'll probably pick up within the first minute of video. However, you've got to start somewhere...right? Also when there are only two of us trying to follow a guy around on a farm, you learn how to compensate and move quickly.

Maybe I'll hire a film crew next time to carry around my mike :)

Besides all that, this project was a lot of fun. I didn't know that much about Biodynamic farming before this. Mike Long was a good guy to explain in detail how it all worked and we had the fun task of trying to work it all out in the news room later. So check out the story we did as a compliment on

Biodynamic Farming
from Cassandra Gallagher on Vimeo.


The Senate

>> 12.7.09

For once my subjects were living this time...

I have a friend doing a music video for a local Seattle band: The Senate. This has been a good way for me to practice my production shots (And even better because they bring that lighting equipment that I lack).

This was a good shoot to test my persistence however. Again it was a fairly dark shoot, and I was lacking a tripod...again. I had to shoot several shots I liked 20, 30, or more times to get it bracketed just eliminate blurriness and all that jazz.

However, with a little determination and mostly a lot of luck we mustered through!

The shoot was a lot of fun. But it wasn't all work and no play....

Check out the rest of the pics here


More Undead

>> 7.7.09

Last quarter a couple of my friends gave me another opportunity to shoot the undead. My second one in a row...not that I'm complaining. It gave me a chance to play with some new Photoshop techniques.

The concept behind this one was all those old-tyme horror movies. You know Frankenstein, Dracula, all those fun guys. I took pictures for their Senior performance as Theatre majors. The piece was conceived, written and put together by the cast. The title: Frankenstein Unstitched.

This was a hard one to shoot. Being a student, my equipment is rather make-shift and my lighting equipment is even more lacking. Like I said though, I'm not complaining. It gave me a chance to try some new things. So how did I compensate for that rough lighting? Monopod to steady my shots, and a hot shoe light wrapped with a coffee filter to diffuse the light. It wasn't much but it helped.

I had the added benefit of being able to Photoshop the heck out of them. We were going for an old movie feel so I played with contrast, noise and color to acheive that. (And of course a lens vignette here and there).


Shooting zombies

>> 10.5.09

So, one of my friends did what many college students have trouble doing: getting the job of his dreams right out of college. He's going to be a music video director down in Seattle, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I got the chance to help him out on a music video shoot for the Whisky Wailers. The concept: zombie band. Always acceptable.
A couple of my friends were the only people doing the make up for this event. 5 hours of zombie make up can get to you after a while. Kudos to them!
The way they had everything set up was really cool: dramatic lighting, fog machine, lots of reds. It made it as much fun for me as it was for them. Oh yea, and the room we were in was too small to set up a dolly for panning shots. The solution? Shopping cart. This is why I like filmmakers. They're resourceful.

Until next time dear reader

// Cassibean


Hey guys!! Check out more a Capella pics here


Always carry around a camera

>> 9.5.09

As a photographer they say it's always a good rule of thumb to always be carrying around your camera. I hadn't been following this rule for the past few weeks and as a result I've been going through quite the photography withdrawl. So I took it would with me one day and just like that I got pictures of an accapella group just performing in the courtyard of our campus. And zombies. 

You can never go wrong if you just carry the thing around.

I have yet to edit the zombie pics I was talking about, but they'll be up soon. Until next time

// Cassi Bean


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